Adding Pure Oxygen to your water

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What do you think about those oxygen systems for bait tanks?

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The systems you are talking about uses pure O2 (oxygen) defused through a stone or injected into the path of a pump impeller to hypersaturate the O2 concentration in water. (save your money) The systems you are asking about are used almost entirely with closed systems, not open flow through systems that we use to keep bait alive in the ocean.


A simple "new water in/old water out" system is much better for what we are doing out here. The reason people use closed systems are varied but almost entirely in fresh water such as keeping shad alive or transporting fish. They also have to fight with temperature rising, ammonium in the water, foam, slime, scales and all kinds of other nasty stuff. Why do they do it, run a closed system that filters the same water and they add O2? The reasons normally has to do with heat. Take Lake Texoma in Texas. In the summer they can have surface temperatures over 90 degrees, you can make fish soup at this temperature so they add ice, rock salt, pure O2 and lots of chemicals to keep the shad alive in there insulated livewells. Another reason in saltwater is like down in the Gulf around Louisiana the catch fish in clean clear water then go back in areas where the water is "brackish" and fish so a closed system is a must as the bait will die from the low salt content of the brackish water.

Now I did try this on Sardines about 5 years ago. I got an air stone, bottle of O2 and slowed down the bait pump as not to push to much water through that would just take all of the O2 away. The results , "bait fish on steroids" It did seem to make them frisky but what a pain in the butt with the O2 bottle and all.

So just keep the flow right and buying your tanks and pumps from "Livebaitlarry" and you can't lose. Ever wonder why those Kodiak tanks I designed do so well keeping bait alive "FM".

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One more thing does anyone get any useful information from these posts?



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